How to Know if Someone has Blocked You in Instagram

Instagram is indeed a jewel in the crown of this twenty-first-century internet. It has a daily 4 billion span of active users. We can say that it is the new and biggest trend. Be it a millennial or a teenager, they all boast a presence on this social media app. Experts say that it is a whole virtual utopia. 

Businesses have fetched a great benefit from Instagram’s audience of billions. Many users are emerging as social media influencers through this app. These influences further monetize their content to earn millions. For ordinary everyday users, Instagram is a great medium to know what’s going around.

This app has a great variety of information mediums. Whether you want to know the fashion industry, political scenario, or just want to get a tidbit about your friends’ life, Instagram has it all. Socializing is what Instagram is known for. It’s the pinnacle of virtual social engineering.

If you are in dark clouds of suspicion due to the absence of someone’s content, we have got you covered. When we see someone’s posts, activities and stories suddenly vanish from our feed. Our first doubt is that we have been blocked. Nobody enjoys getting blocked, so one should verify this assumption first.

In most cases, the suspected person hasn’t blocked you, but he may be absent from Instagram. He may be inactive for a long time, deactivated his account, or just simply shifted to another account. To verify the actual truth, we have consulted our tech experts and prepared a comprehensive step-by-step guide to sort your problem.

How To Verify If Someone has Blocked You 

Verifying this blocking dilemma is not an inbuilt feature of Instagram. Instagram doesn’t notify you if any of your followers have blocked you. We have to find other valuable methods to verify. There are various methods to see if someone has blocked you. They are stated below.

  • Search Username

The first and primary method is to search for the username of your follower or the person you want to search for. This is the most ideal, easy, and quick method to verify information in seconds. Be it a private or a public account; this method comes in handy. It involves following these steps.

  1. Go to the search bar: First, hover over the search bar and click on it. If you are on a mobile phone, tap on the search icon at the bottom of the screen. Now in this explore section, click on the search bar at the center top. On a web platform, click on the search bar at the top.
  2. Type the username:  Now type in the username of your Instagram followers. For example, “dapoume”, “assdand.x32”, etc. If the person’s account appears in search results, you are lucky. The user hasn’t blocked you. He may be inactive. But despite writing the same username, if no search result comes, you have been blocked by that user.
  3. For public account: If the other user has a private account, and after searching it, you click on it. Then no data of followers or following appears; the user has blocked you. The profile picture may or may not be visible.
  • Check Messages of the User
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The other convenient way to see if someone has blocked you is to see their messages. This method is easy but limited to your messaging with other users. If you haven’t messaged the user and still want to verify his stance, you should use other methods.

After someone has blocked you, Instagram is courteous enough not to delete the whole chat. After opening the chat with another user, you have been blocked if you see all the messages but don’t see the option to send further messages. The chat composing bar in this scenario vanishes with a notorious message of “you can’t reply to this chat.” You can’t access the account of another person. If you still see the option to compose and send further messages, you are not blocked


  • Check the Users’ Comments

The third possible method to save the day for you is checking the other user’s comments. For this, you must search for accounts that both of you follow. Or you can simply browse around for the posts which other users might have commented on. These posts can be yours or some other user’s. 

Now, if you see a placeholder text of “comment may have been removed” or similar text with no profile picture or username of other user showing, then you are in the dark clouds. This indicates that the other user has blocked you

  • Search the Profile via Link

This method is the most genuine and working one. If it shows you are blocked, you are blocked. There is no exception. This method requires Instagram to be opened on the web. We can do this on a phone or a Windows/Mac too.

  1. Open Instagram on the web: On an android, open up your Chrome. On an iPhone, open Safari. On a PC, open your browser. Now you can access the Instagram web by entering the “” URL in the search bar.
  2. Open the profile link: Now, you have to add the username of your Instagram follower to the URL in the stated manner, which is “” In the place of a username, you have to enter the desired username like “” 
  3. Moment of truth: Now comes the moment of truth. If The resulting webpage shows a 404 error of “profile not found,” you are blocked by the user.
  • Create Another Account
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The last working and legal method is creating a new account. You can make another account of some other identity. You can also keep your identity and credentials the same. Now search for the other user in the search bar. If their account appears in search results of this new account but not in the older account, you are blocked.

The searching profile via link method is also applicable here. After searching the username in the URL, if the profile shows up with a new account, you are blocked. You can also sneak into the other user’s account from this method. But be sure not to harm anyone’s privacy.

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