In the contemporary world, the internet is the new obsession of every individual. Social media networks have spread worldwide. Out of the available social media network mediums, Instagram is the most famous one. Instagram has made its way with a lot of effort and hard work from the developers. Along with introducing different features to the app, different slogans and new terms have been introduced by this platform. NFS is one such term that Instagram introduces.

NFS is, however, a term that is used for different meanings. The extracted meaning of the term depends on where you have seen it. In this article, we will cover some of the main points about NFS and its meaning according to the medium of sharing it.

Usage of NFS by Instagram Business Account

You may see the term “NFS” from an Instagram account. In the world of Instagram business, it is the abbreviation of Not For Sale. The term may be used for exclusive artworks not to be sold. The content shared with this tag is shared for artistic and creative purposes only.

When browsing for a business-related Instagram account, you should know the meaning of the term. Also, in case you are a business owner, having awareness about the term is necessary for you. Now you can promote your business via your Instagram business account effectively.

Usage of NFS by Instagram Gaming Account

Another medium where you can see the term NFS is the gaming account. People use these accounts for the promotion of games. These accounts are also made to teach people how to play a game. Additionally, gaming accounts are made for sharing gaming videos or photos for entertainment. In any of the cases mentioned, you may witness the presence of this term.

In the gaming zone present on Instagram, NFS means Need For Speed. This is one of the most famous games in the world of racing games. You can easily understand the term’s meaning if you go through it via a gaming related Instagram account.

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Usage of NFS in Instagram DM

While conversing with another Instagram account holder, you may see this word. This word can have multiple meanings and purposes if it pops up in your Instagram DMs. Some of the usual contexts of the term NFS are discussed below:

  • NFS can be used as the abbreviation of Not Funny stuff. By using the term, the other person wants to inform you that they are not taking you as a person to date. You can also relate to it as the next person is not interested in taking you for long.
  • Young people may use the word NFS in an entirely different context. You may get an NFS as a reply to some questions being asked. Here it means Not For Sure. The other person is just trying not to give a guarantee over something. Or they are not in the position to make a promise regarding the matter under discussion.
  • Another meaning that you can encounter is Not For Sharing. An Instagram user may use this term with a post or within an Instagram DM. The term is used with some photos or videos from their photo gallery. This content usually defines the person; hence, the declaration comes along with the content. 

Usage of NFS in Instagram Tag

An Instagram account holder may share a post using the term as a tag. If this post appears on your Instagram home page, you should know what it means. Now, its meaning may again depend on the situation. This article has covered some usual meanings of NFS in case the term is used as a tag. The context may be as follows:

  • NFS may mean No Filter Squad. The tag would appear with a photo or video containing several people. This tag represents that the people who are a part of the shared post are not using any filter. Since a filter is used to enhance beauty, hence it shows confidence. They have enough faith in their natural beauty and hence are not involving any filter.
  • NFS, which comes as a tag, can also be used as the abbreviation of No Follower Syndrome. Most people using the Instagram account are trying to increase their followers. NFS can be an indication by a specific account holder of being different. The photo or video shared under this tag can be some random stuff. Or it can be something that is not according to any recent trend working on Instagram.
  • The term can also mean Not Feeling Social. This clearly shows that one is not in the mood to engage with people. It can simply show that Instagram followers of an Instagram account should not expect to see that user more frequently now. It can also be used as a description by some content creators about not being so active for quite some time.

Usage of NFS in Instagram Comment Box

Instagram users sometimes use NFS in the comment box. This is sent as a response to something posted by an Instagram account holder. NFS, in the comment box. This is the admiration of a photo or video posted on Instagram.

Usage of NFS in Instagram Story

You may come across the term if you cross through an Instagram story. Now NFS means No Filter Story. The account holder of this Instagram story is trying to admire the beauty present naturally. It can be the picture of a landscape or any living being. An Instagram may share their selfie as an Instagram story with the tag attached.

We hope this article helps you to understand the term and use it occasionally.