How to Grow Your Instagram Following: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram is more than a platform to connect with friends and family. It has transformed into a marketing powerhouse for brands to showcase their presence and build devoted audiences.

Building and growing your Instagram presence doesn’t happen overnight. It requires continuous commitment, persistence, dedication, and growth strategies. This blog explores how to get more followers on Instagram and popular growth hacks to build a strong identity and Instagram following.

What Is Instagram

Instagram is a popular social platform for sharing stories, videos, and images. Launched in 2010, the platform has over one billion active monthly users, becoming a leading global social network. Users can capture and share special moments through photos and short videos as well as interact with others’ content.

Instagram offers various features to engage users and encourage content sharing. The main feed allows users to publish media for followers. Stories, introduced in 2016, enable users to post temporary content that disappears after 24 hours. 

IGTV is suitable for longer user-generated videos, while Reels is designed for shorter video content. Additionally, Instagram Live and direct messaging facilitate real-time connection and conversation. The Explore page is a valuable feature for users to discover new information relevant to their interests and activities.

The way people use Instagram is always changing due to new trends. The rapid growth of TikTok has led to an increase in short-form video content such as Reels. This type of content engages more users through interactive elements like stickers, quizzes, and polls in Stories.

Businesses can now easily include product tags in their posts and stories, making in-app purchases more convenient due to the integration of shopping tools. Brands still use influencer marketing to expand their customer bases through well-known users.

But how does Instagram decide which content to show? This is done through Instagram’s algorithm, a set of rules that determines what posts appear in users’ feeds, Explore, and Reels. However, the platform has not disclosed the specifics of its algorithm to users. Therefore, users must use a trial-and-error method to determine which strategy triggers the algorithm and plan accordingly. Instagram determines the content’s priority based on timeliness, relevancy, and user engagement.

The algorithm prioritizes posts that receive more engagement, such as likes, views, comments, shares, and saves. It also considers user relationships, giving more weight to accounts with which users regularly engage. The goal is to provide content that users will likely find interesting and relevant, creating a personalized experience that keeps users engaged. Consumers need to understand how the algorithm works to make the most of the platform.

How To Achieve Success on Instagram

Achieving success on Instagram starts with effectively setting up your profile. A well-optimized profile attracts followers and retains their interest and engagement. Here are the key steps to ensure your Instagram profile stands out and resonates with your target audience:

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Optimizing Your Profile

Your bio should be concise, informative, and engaging. It should clearly state who you are, what you do, and what followers can expect from your profile. Include relevant keywords to make your profile discoverable through searches. Adding a call-to-action (CTA) or a link to your website can drive engagement and conversions.

Select a profile picture that reflects your brand’s essence. A clear headshot works best for personal accounts, while a logo is ideal for businesses or brands. Ensure the image is high-quality in a small, circular format.

Use Instagram Highlights to showcase important content on your profile permanently. Organize your highlights into categories that reflect your content pillars, and use custom cover images that align with your brand aesthetics.

Establish a consistent visual theme by choosing a color palette, filter, or editing style and applying it consistently to all your posts. This creates a uniform look that can make your profile more attractive and recognizable.

Conducting Audience Research

Define your niche based on your expertise, interests, and what your potential followers are looking for. A well-defined niche helps you attract a more targeted and engaged audience.

Create audience personas and detailed descriptions of your ideal followers, including demographics, interests, challenges, and behaviors. This will help you effectively tailor your posts to meet their needs and preferences. Use surveys, social media insights, and competitor analysis to gather data and build accurate personas.

By optimizing your profile and understanding your audience, you lay a strong foundation for growing your Instagram presence. These initial steps are crucial in attracting followers and keeping them engaged with your content.

Content Creation

The key to an effective Instagram strategy is high-quality content. Interesting, aesthetically pleasing, and contextually relevant content draws in followers and inspires engagement.

A profile with high-quality content will stand out from the crowd. Your audience will trust and respect your brand more because of the professionalism. You can increase your reach and engagement with high-quality content by encouraging others to share, like, and comment. 

Instagram now offers a variety of content categories, each serving a unique purpose and engaging the audience. Below are the different types of content you can post on Instagram:


Instagram is rife with high-resolution pictures. In addition to being relevant to your niche, your photos should be aesthetically pleasing. Using consistent editing styles can keep your feed looking uniform and organized.


Videos provide a vibrant medium for visual storytelling. This content format can captivate audiences and communicate ideas more vividly than still pictures, whether instructional, behind-the-scenes, or shorter segments.


The Instagram Stories feature is compelling despite its transience nature. Use them for surveys, Q&As, or instant updates to enable real-time engagement.


These are quick, enjoyable videos with a high chance of becoming viral. A Reel helps you reach more people and showcase your ideas in a more entertaining and engaging way.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram

Implementing effective growth strategies and engaging practices on Instagram is essential for establishing a strong presence and cultivating meaningful connections with your audience. Here is how you can combine growth strategies with engaging practices to maximize your impact on the platform.

Maintain Consistency 

Consistency is the cornerstone of a successful Instagram strategy. Based on your audience’s activity and preferences, determine the optimal posting time and commit to a regular posting schedule.

To reinforce your brand identity, maintain a consistent tone of voice and visual aesthetic across your posts. Consistency breeds trust and familiarity among your followers, making them more likely to engage with your content.

Utilize scheduling tools like Later or Buffer to plan and automate your content posting. This allows you to maintain a consistent platform presence without manually publishing each post.

Collaborate with Influencers

Research and identify influencers or brands within your niche with a similar target audience. Look for opportunities to collaborate on content or promotions that mutually benefit both parties.  Reach out to potential influencers with a pitch highlighting the benefits of collaboration. Clearly outline what you offer and how the collaboration aligns with their objectives.

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Leveraging influencer marketing can significantly amplify your reach and credibility on Instagram. Their endorsement can introduce your brand to new audiences and drive engagement in your content. This mutual promotion can help both parties reach new followers and expand their reach on the platform.

Utilizing Analytics for Growth

Instagram provides insights into your followers’ demographics, content performance, and engagement metrics. You can use these insights to reiterate your content strategy and optimize your posting schedule for maximum impact. It is also important to monitor key metrics, including engagement rate, reach, and follower growth, to gauge the effectiveness of your content and growth efforts. 

Keep up to date with trends to identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategy accordingly. Continuously analyze your performance data to determine what’s working and what’s not. Adapt your content strategy to optimize your Instagram presence based on these insights.

Incorporate Paid Promotions & Advertisements

Familiarize yourself with Instagram’s different ad formats, including photo, video, and carousel ads. Understand the targeting options and budgeting settings to maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Craft compelling ad creatives and copy that resonate with your target audience. 

Use Instagram’s robust targeting options to reach users based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Refine your audience targeting to ensure the most relevant users see your brand’s ads. Set a realistic budget for your ad campaigns based on your marketing objectives and audience size. Monitor your ad spend and performance closely to optimize your budget allocation for maximum return on investment.

Buy Engaging Followers

Many brands have yet to realize the advantages of purchasing followers and understanding how to buy Instagram followers. To enhance your Instagram growth, use dependable platforms for insights and analytics. These platforms offer valuable information on follower demographics, engagement metrics, and content performance, which can help you fine-tune your strategy. Below are some reputable services to purchase engaging followers from:

Insta Follow Pro

It is the best website to buy Instagram followers, offering genuine Instagram followers who are active and engaged with your content. With Insta Follow Pro’s reliable services, you can boost your follower count organically and increase your influence on the platform.


Statigr provides authentic engagement solutions for Instagram. With their targeted engagement tactics, you can attract genuine Instagram followers interested in your content, enhancing your reach and impact on the platform.


EngageHub is known for its comprehensive analytics tools. Their services allow you to track your Instagram performance and audience insights. With their data-driven approach, you can make decisions to optimize your Instagram strategy and grow your following effectively. Additionally, they also provide you with engaging followers at affordable prices. 

Best Practices for Engaging with Users on Instagram

By adopting engaging practices, you can cultivate a thriving Instagram presence that attracts followers, drives engagement, and fosters meaningful connections with your audience.  Here are some of the top tips to effectively engage with others:

Responding to Comments and Messages

Respond promptly to direct messages and comments to engage with your audience. Show appreciation for their feedback and foster meaningful conversations to build a loyal community.

Running Interactive Stories and Polls

Use Instagram Stories to engage your followers with interactive polls, quizzes, and question stickers. Encourage participation and gather valuable insights into their preferences and interests.

Hosting Giveaways and Contests

Organize giveaways or contests to encourage engagement and reward your followers. Collaborate with influencers to maximize your reach and increase contest participation.

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Engaging with Followers

Empower your followers to contribute to your content by featuring user-generated content or testimonials. Acknowledge and highlight their contributions to your brand to build a sense of community and loyalty.

Blocking, Unblocking, and Muting

Manage your interactions with other users by blocking, unblocking, and muting features as needed. Protect your account from spam or harassment while maintaining a positive and inclusive community for your followers.

Use Instagram’s Restrict and Quiet Modes

Familiarize yourself with Instagram’s restrict and quiet modes, which provide additional control over your interactions with other users. Use these features when needed to manage negative interactions or limit the visibility of certain content without outright blocking users.

How To Make Money on Instagram Through Content Monetization

A strong and active audience is the key to Instagram’s long-term success. Here’s how to find ways to make money on the site and grow a dedicated fan base:

Partnerships and Sponsored Posts

Work together with sponsors or influencers to explore the potential for sponsored content. Partnering with like-minded businesses is a great way to expand your account’s reach and strengthen your brand. 

Selling Products or Services

Use Instagram’s commerce tools to display and sell products without leaving your profile. This makes it easy for the audience to buy your products by sharing eye-catching images, describing their characteristics, and providing links to purchase.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing promotes other businesses’ services or products in exchange for a commission on purchases made via your links. Opt for collaborators whose interests and your specialization are congruent. 

Making Use of Instagram’s Ad Tools

Look at how Instagram may make money through IGTV advertisements, live stream badges, and branded content promotions. Creators and influencers may expand their income sources using these technologies. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Instagram’s Vanish Mode

Instagram users can send messages in Vanish Mode. These messages disappear when viewed, and the chat window is closed, making this mode perfect for more private conversations. 

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram

While there is no set optimal time to post on Instagram, you must post during periods of high interaction, such as late mornings, lunch hours (11 AM – 1 PM), and evenings (7 PM – 9 PM) on weekdays based on your intended audience location/. 

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram

Instagram users can restrict interactions with specific profiles without blocking them by using the “Restrict” option. The direct messages of restricted users are redirected to the message request folder, and their comments are only visible to them. 

What is Quiet Mode on Instagram

Instagram users can temporarily pause notifications by using the Quiet Mode feature. This feature is intended to assist users in taking breaks from the app without being bothered by notifications. 

How to Get Blue Check on Instagram? 

To get verified on Instagram, go to your profile settings, request verification, and submit the required information, such as your account name, ID, and supporting documents. The verification criteria include originality and authenticity.


Get ready to attract new audiences by creating an Instagram content schedule and working on interesting posts. Never forget to engage with your existing followers and adapt your approach to changing trends and new Instagram features.

Achieving your business goals on Instagram goes beyond merely increasing your follower count. Advertising your business on Instagram is only one of several ways to reach a wider audience. After you’ve amassed a sizable following, more avenues for monetizing your own brand or turning followers into buyers will open up.