If you are a instagram user, you may have wondered how your follower and following list on instagram is being arranged? Which algorithm is being used to sort them? You may think that the list is arranged randomly but it’s not true. Instagram currently provide an option to view a user’s followers in chronological order, which would allow you to see the most recent followers first and progress to the older ones. But the question is ‘’ how to see instagram followers in chronological order? ‘’ Here is the answer of the question.

How to see Instagram followers in chronological order

On June 2021, Instagram introduced some feature. According to those features no one can see your recent followers. The order of follower list is entirely different on your account and on someone else account. 

Ways the Instagram follower list sorted in 2023

The list of followers for new accounts, particularly those with fewer followers ranging from 1 to 200, is typically arranged in alphabetical order. This arrangement is based on the registered full names of Instagram users, rather than their actual username that are used for logging into the account. In 2023 this system doesn’t work anymore.

Instagram uses complex algorithm and artificial intelligence (AI) to arrange the followers list based on various factors. These include the user’s recent interactions, relationships, and the relevance of the followers. Once a significant amount of data is collected, Instagram automatically applies AI to sort the account’s followers list.

The faster you interact with people and build connections the quicker Instagram will be able to arrange the follower list chronologically. The users at the top of the chronological list are the one you interact with frequently.

Working of Instagram Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm is complex and continuously evolving. The company may make updates and changes to improve the user experience, so the specifics of how the algorithm works may vary over time. Also, the Instagram never release the details of algorithm. How to see instagram followers in chronological order evidence shows that the following factors help to determine the follower list order.

People you interact with

The algorithm used by Instagram observes the engagement between the user and their followers. Follower who display a consistent interaction with the user’s content, such as giving  likes, leaving comments, and sharing posts, are likely to be at the top of the followers list. 

People that you follow 

 You don’t follow all the people that follow you. While organizing the follower list, algorithm put the people/account you follow at the top of the list assuming that you may know them. 

People that recently followed you

People /account that recently started following you serves as another important factor. That instagram algorithm take into account while arranging the list. Even if you don’t follow them back, this factor is still prioritized after the people you follow.

Influential followers

The users with large number of followers or those having blue ticks appear near the top of list. Sometimes account with blue ticks appear at the bottom because you don’t interact with them regularly.