How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Instagram has almost 22 billion user accounts on its platform. This number is enormous for any social media platform to handle. Instagram has carefully introduced features and policies to deal with these users. Every user Get Instagram Followers Free By Using Insfollowpro . 

A public Instagram account is open for responses by every other Instagram user. These responses include searching and finding an account, liking and commenting on a post the account holder shares, and watching Instagram stories. Upon following a public account, any content shared by Instagram will automatically pop up on the home page of your Instagram account. 

On the other hand, the private account can only be accessed if you send the request to the account beholder to allow you to follow the account. If the following request is accepted, you can watch the stuff posted by the account owner. However, you are free to send messages to Insta DMs of any Instagram user. There is no distinction between private or public accounts in this regard.

Restriction Policy

Since Instagram is a massive platform with many people using the network, developers have worked on policies to facilitate the users. If a person does not want to see stuff from someone and let the other person see his stuff, then they can block that account. Apart from the blocking option, Instagram provides another option that puts limits on the other user. Using this option, the account is not even removed from the list of followers, yet Instagram controls the activity of the restricted account.

It is harder to know about getting restricted by any Instagram user than whether an Instagram user has blocked you. Upon getting restricted, you are not taken away from the ability to look at the content posted by the other account holder. You can watch and react to any post that is shared with the public by the owner of the account. The changes mainly occur for the comment section and also for Insta DMs.

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Comment Restriction

The comment box for every Instagram post is the central portion where the change came when your account was restricted by the Instagram user on the other side. You can still comment below any post shared by the other owner. You can also view your comments as a response to a post. However, your comment may not be visible to any other Instagram user. The account holder, on the other side, can access and look at your comment if they want to look at those comments. Your every comment is hidden under a restricted comment button for them. Other Instagram, however, has no option to look at your comments.

How to know about Restriction

One way of checking about the Restriction is to cross-check your comments on the other account’s Instagram post. You can check it by using your friend’s account or creating a new one. Cross-checking should be done as soon as you post a comment. Or your comment will automatically go down in this list if you wait for an extended period. People usually share posts to increase Instagram followers. The account followers will comment on the post, making it hard for the other account to check for your comment. If the comment does not appear upon cross-checking immediately, then you are restricted to comment by the owner of the Instagram account who shared the post.

Activity Status Restriction

 If an Instagram account holder restricts your activity status, it is hard to detect it again. Now, you will not be able to know about the other person online. This restriction also does not allow you to know whether the other person has yet to read your messages.

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How to know about Restriction

This method is not much effective as the one described earlier. Yet, you can try this method to learn about the Restriction from the other person’s Instagram account. For this process, however, you must first enable your Instagram account activity status. You can check it by selecting the Setting option from your Instagram profile. Next, tap the Privacy and select Activity Status. If it is disabled, you need to enable it for the checking process. Now check whether there is a recent post from the other user. If the account holder has shared a post recently, but their activity status has not changed for you, then you are restricted by the owner of the other Instagram account.

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Messages Restriction

A restricted Instagram account goes through message restriction too. Instagram automatically sends the Read notification to the user whenever the other person sees the message. Once a restricted account holder changes this condition. Instagram will not notify you if the other user has read your messages. Also, if you join a chat group where the other account is already present, a notification will automatically be sent to the other account about your activity. The other account will be warned that a restricted user is in the group. The account holder working on the other side is now given the option to leave the chat group if they do not want to listen to anything from your side.

How to know about Restriction

This method is the simplest one of all. However, the process can take some time. All you need to do is to send a message (also known as a direct message or Insta DM) to the other account. After sending the message, you must be patient and wait for a reasonable time. Meanwhile, you can check the activity status of the other account on and off. If the message from your side remains unread for a long time, whereas the person’s activity status was active during the time, then you are likely to be restricted by the other person.

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