Is Instagram dying?

In 2010, Instagram was launched. It allows users to share a curated, but distorted, version of their lives. It was created to be the next social media platform after Facebook’s decline. Instagram succeeded in ways that the Blue App could not (and more). The new platform captured the attention of the younger generation with its minimalistic and sleek design and fun and enriching filters. The app’s rise has had a profound impact on society and culture, thanks to the influence of “Instagram models” (or other influencers). It has shaped our beauty standards for good and for bad (especially for worst) and connected people all over the world. It’s not just an app, it’s a cultural powerhouse. Instagram is slowly dying after 11 years of its debut in the App Stores.

What does it mean that Instagram is dying?

Many people think this phrase means that Instagram is in serious trouble. Let’s be clear – is not what it implies. It is growing rapidly, has many active users (more than 1B), is still making a lot of money, and in short, Instagram is doing well on the surface. Doesn’t lie.

Instagram may be still seeing growth in its active users, but it has been a slow growth since 2019, and even fell to single figures. Although I don’t know much about the stock markets, I do know that slow growth for a company that once controlled the world is a sign that it is “losing money”. The future of the platform isn’t looking very bright. Investors are starting to look elsewhere and leaving Instagram to fall on its own.

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Why is this?

The algorithm makes it difficult for everybody

First, Instagram’s algorithm has been annoying a lot people for quite some time – both the Average Joesof Instagram and its Influencers.

The algorithm will screw you if you fall into the first category. It makes your app experience messy and unorganized. A recent update has caused posts on your timeline to not be in chronological order. You only see posts that are popular. You don’t get to see all the posts uploaded by people you follow. Also, Instagram’s Explore page is very lackingluster and filled with TikTok reuploads and knockoffs.

Instagram now prioritizes popular uploads and lacks a reshare function, so smaller creators are at disadvantage.

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This algorithm is even more frustrating for Instagram Influencers. Because only the most popular posts get boosted, smaller creators have a harder time reaching new audiences, building their following, and promoting themselves. This is extremely frustrating as many people depend on Instagram and the advertising opportunities through it for their income. They are also seeing their engagement levels drop drastically.

Instagram’s appeal to influencers is that it allows anyone to become popular on the platform and go viral. It didn’t matter whether you were a celebrity or had 10M Get Instagram followers , or just a few hundred – anyone could get a chance at being an influencer. Instagram now prioritizes popular uploads and lacks a reshare function, so smaller creators are at disadvantage. People are becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed with Instagram and seek out other platforms like TikTok or Twitter for help.

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They tried to do too much in fast pace

Instagram’s primary purpose has been to share photos and videos. This business idea has proven to be a success since its inception. But, Snapchat was launched quickly after Instagram launch.

This social media platform is a snapping of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. The platform was a huge success. Users really liked the idea of “disappearing post”. Instagram attempted to purchase Snapchat to stay ahead of the curve, but they were rejected. They decided to copy their competition and came out with “Instagram Stories”, which is basically the same as Snapchat. They had a great plan that worked. Instagram was able to surpass superior after the introduction Stories and was back on top of social media. Here’s the problem.

Instagram is in the drafts

Does this mean that Instagram has gone extinct? Still like to keep my funeral robes, no matter how it is going.

Although the platform may have lost its glory days, it is unlikely will disappear completely. This is despite the immense number of users and how it held the world in a chokehold. It is likely that it will remain the same as Blockbuster. Although it may be around, it’s not a ghost in a shell. Already, Instagram is showing signs that it cannot keep up with TikTok and has lost its position as the innovator in social media.

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