Top 15 Trendy Instagram Status to Choose In 2024

As with all social media trends, digital platforms along with how we employ them are constantly changing, but you’re here to learn about trendy Instagram status of video, post, and story trends. Since, it differs from last year or possibly last month.

Social media marketers must not relax. Know Instagram marketing trends to design a social media strategy along with a posting schedule that benefit your company, regardless of whether you act on them. Inform yourself to be adaptable.

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2023’S TOP Instagram Status Trends for Marketers

  • Creators and Influencers are King:

Creators affect society as much as superstars, according to 4/5 Gen Z Instagram users. The creative economy grew throughout the epidemic, creating 50 million content wizards on Instagram in 2021.The latest platform capabilities let artists name companies they want to collaborate with and let brands filter as well as search for campaign-specific creators.


IN 2021, in October, Instagram retired IGTV, its unique long-form video format. User may now publish 60-minute content to the mainstream Insta feed.

Feed as well as IGTV videos are going to visible in one tab on profile sites (Reels receive their own tab). IGTV is being renamed Instagram TV.

  • Long live Reels:

Instagram Reels, a short-form video format to compete with TikTok, premiered yesterday and feels like a lifetime ago. Reels have become a staple of Instagram’s current experience because to an intensive algorithmic push and a prominent navigation area.

  • Links to all stories:

Several years ago, Instagram launched swipe-up links for profiles with a minimum of 10,000 followers. This autumn, links became more egalitarian. Yes, even you can add a hyperlink sticker to your post, which opens up significant opportunities for tiny companies looking to send traffic to an additional site or platform.

  • Justice and equality on social media
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Social justice took a major turn in 2020, but in 2022, advocacy, activity, and involvement remain strong: Instagram says that social justice activists are its most engaged users.

  • Instagram Live-streaming:

Instagram Live usage increased significantly in 2020 and 2021. Thank you, pandemic. In 2023, we may need to stay home and use mobile devices for convenience and communication again, so firms with a strong live streaming content plan will be well-positioned to engage with their followers.

  • Exclusive content and subscriptions:

Instagram has started exploring subscriptions, which has led to exclusive content for a smaller audience. Besides the subscription function which is being carried out in several locations.

  • Realizing visual content:

No filter photographs and videos, greater range in body types and ages in advertising campaigns (though there’s still work to do)—we’ve seen it for a while and will see it more. Brands follow a pattern of seeming more “real” as customers weary of unattainable beauty standards and misrepresentative visual material.

  • User-generated and community material:

Social media authenticity goes beyond ad transparency. User-generated content—posts and videos your consumers published on Instagram—is another method marketer may display it. This will remain a major trend and maybe increase.

  • Branded content deals:

Branded content collaborations on Instagram are another advertising subtrend. The tool lets you tag a different profile in an Instagram chronological order post or clip, so both accounts’ followers can see it.

  • Instagram shopping :

Instagram shopping allowed creators and companies to sell instantly on the platform utilizing storefronts, collections, launches of products, and product tags in 2023.

  • Ad-transparency:

Instagram ads work well to market companies and services. Besides native ads, Instagram users haven’t always seen influencer marketing’s product placement grey area. 

  • Videos and TikTok-style material:
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If you use TikTok, you’ve probably seen that many Instagram Reels employ TikTok trends. Strange as it seems, it’s not a secret. Instagrammers mimic TikTok music, discourse, and trends. 

  • Post carousels to engage users:

Instagram carousel posts may include 10 images and videos. They may be utilized in many ways to share additional material with your audience. One study found that Instagram carousels remain the most engaging posts.

  • Social content calendars include memes:

Who doesn’t like memes? YPulse found that 75% of 13-36-year-olds spread memes. Which is why, they’re so popular on Instagram.

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