How to Clear Instagram Cache

The cache might seem a very techy and difficult term. You might have heard and read about it several times. It is an essential part of browsing and surfing the internet and apps. To break it into simple pieces for your understanding, a cache is a space a certain app creates on your device to store data temporarily.

This data includes what you browse and see in an app on Android and iPhones. It includes what you search, like, comment, save, and view in an app. Like on a certain social media app, you will encounter a plethora of content. You may like it, ignore it, save it, share it, or comment on it. The app will save your actions as a cache so it can know what you like and load it at greater speeds.

Instagram is a social media platform with more than 4 Billion recorded active users. Like other apps, it, too, relies greatly on cache data. With 4 Billion users, it hosts billions of posts and trillions of terabytes of data daily. So the cache is the backbone of Instagram algorithms.

On Instagram, one can like a post, comment, share it on a story or chat, search for new accounts, explore new content, and much more. All this requires an immense amount of cache data. Instagram saves all your moves so it can quickly load the data for you on your next visit.

Why Removing Instagram Cache is Essential

On average, Instagram stores about 150 Mb of cache per week. This amount leaves a huge toll on low-end devices. For these devices, which are already struggling with storage issues, Instagram cache takes their crutches away. If your device is already low on storage and the notification bar is constantly showing a low storage warning, clearing the Instagram cache will be a day savior for you. 

The cache is just temporarily stored data so it won’t affect your user experience. They will cause a slower loading for a single time. After that, you will have a smooth, fast and flawless experience. Clearing cache is a proven way of getting some free space without compromising on your gallery or apps.

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The beauty of cache clearing is that it can be done on any platform. Be it an android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, clearing out cache is not a problem. One might consider it a highly technical niche where only tech wizards can work. But it is a very simple and easy task.

We have enlisted the cache clearing process very easily and comprehensively. Read this step-by-step guide, and bless your device with clear space.

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How to Clear Instagram Cache

The process of clearing the Instagram cache is not similar on all platforms. It is different on Android and iOS. But don’t worry. We have enlisted individual methods for every platform. To clear the Instagram cache, follow these steps

  • Android

On an Android, clearing the Instagram cache is a piece of cake. We utilize Android’s built-in settings, not the Instagram app. As Instagram doesn’t have any such feature, we move into the phone’s storage settings to clear the app cache. To get it done on an android, follow these steps:

1.  Open phone’s Settings: In the first step, we have to open phone settings. Most androids have their settings icon in the shape of a gear. Just browse for it and click on it. It will open phone settings,

2.  Open Storage Settings: Now scroll for storage settings. Every android company has a different location for this option. Like few have this option on top, others have it in the middle or bottom. You can also type in “storage” into a search bar.

3.  Click on Other Apps: The storage settings will open a menu. In this menu, search for Other Apps and click on it. 

4.  Click on Instagram: Step three will open the list of all the installed apps on your phone. In this list, look out for Instagram and tap on it.

5.  Tap on Clear Cache: There will be an option of “clear cache.” Just tap on it and then click okay. Within seconds, Instagram’s cache will be cleared from your Android. 

  • iOS
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Sadly on iOS systems, clearing cache like on Android is not possible. This is a limitation of Apple’s operating system. No third-party app can make you clear the cache on Apple’s iOS. The only way to make this happen is indeed harsh. You have to delete the Instagram app and reinstall it. This is the only way you can clear the cache out.

1.  Find the Instagram App: First, you have to look out for the Instagram app on your phone. You can browse your screen or search for it on the App Gallery.

2.  Tap and hold the apps: After finding the icon, tap it and hold your finger still until a little menu appears or all the apps start shaking.

3.  Delete the app: Now, tap on the “remove app” button in this menu. You can also click on the little minus icon. Now by clicking okay, confirm the deletion.

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