Instagram in one of the new hype and trend setting app in recent times. Also, social networking is something attracts almost every individual present all across the globe. Social networking is all fun for those who are an extrovert and like to speak up their mind. On the other hand, introvert individuals are also attracted to these platforms with the full capacity. After all it is easy to talk to people while using a screen. The chance is high that you will find some good friends online if you are otherwise awkward in starting or continuing a conversation in general.

Changing the Instagram Icon

Instagram is a remarkable platform to share photos, videos, and content with your followers. One can share his or her personal life with friends and family in a convenient way through Instagram. Also, it is a medium that provides you opportunities to Get Instagram followers on your Instagram account. This social media network platform can also be used to earn money.  Earning comes when the number of Instagram followers touch to the standards provided by the medium and response for Instagram posts are up to the mark.

There is a possibility that you are not happy with the Instagram Icon on your app. Or, you, may be just want to change it for some other reason. Then it can easily be done from your phone. The procedure, however, is different for those who use android phones as compared to those who use IOs. This article will cover both techniques, and a reader can then pick-up the one according to phone type.

Switching the Icon for an iPhone or an iPad

Following procedure will let the iPhone and iPad users to switch the Instagram’s icon on their phones.

  • Approach the Shortcuts application in your device.
  • Upon opening it, select + tab. The tab can be found in higher-right side.
  • Next, use the option of Open App. This option is available just below Next Action Suggestion bar.
  • Open the tab of App present among the menu that appears next.
  • Look for Instagram from the options that are shown next.
  • Pick the three dots from the screen. They appear in the right-top of phone.
  • Select Add the Home Screen through the menu list.
  • Proceed to the Image portrait now to continue the thread.
  • Now one of the possibilities can be picked as per the user’s convenience. The available options include Take Photo, Choose Photo and Choose File.
  • Go to New Shortcut Field
  • Next look for Instagram.
  • Select Add from high-right side of the screen.
  • Next step is to lock up the built-up Instagram’s icon from the screen of the mobile.
  • Stay up to the recent Instagram’s icon.
  • Tap on Remove App via the menu bar that comes next.
  • Now, use the bar of Remove that comes next.

Alternative Available for Android Users

For android phone users, one will involve another party (a third party) to switch the app icon of Instagram. Unlike iPhone, android type mobiles do not provide the facility to switch the app icon on its own. However, a couple of options are available for the procedure. These processes are discussed in details in this article.

Via a Mobile App

The app icon of Instagram can be changed using an app for all android devices. A good number of apps to get the purpose done are available on Google Store. Some of these apps are free and can easily be installed. Although a few features are only available for the purchased applications, yet the purpose would be achieved from the free apps too. One of these free apps is X Icon Changer. Through this article, you will learn all about changing Instagram’s icon from this app. You are free to use any other app from Google Store to get the work done.

The thread used for changing Instagram’s Icon via X Icon works as:

  • Get the app install for the phone. The application should be installed through Google Play Store.
  • Get access to the app once it has installed.
  • A list containing names of the apps installed in the phone will appear as the home page.
  • Look for ‘Instagram’ from the list that appears next.
  • Choose Instagram.
  • Pick up the option of Change Icon among the available options that come next.
  • Here, you can pick any of the photos provided from the developers of the app as the next display as Instagram’s icon.
  • Go for OK once you are done with the picking procedure.

Via a Mobile Launcher

Some Instagram users ought to customize their apps that they use in their android phones. These launchers developed for android users are the most significant options to be used to get this goal done. These launchers allow the users to customize the icons of almost every installed mobile application. Instagram’s icon can also be changed using these launchers. This article will explain the process by through a famous mobile-launcher named Smart Launcher. This app if available for free in Google Play Store and can easily be installed by any android phone user.

The thread involved in this process goes as:

  • Look for Smart Launcher via Google Store.
  • Install the launcher in the phone.
  • After the completion of installation process, run the launcher.
  • Complete the initial set-up process as guided by the launcher. You will be offered to purchase some features during this process. However, you do not need to purchase any of the features to switch the icon for Instagram in any android phone.
  • Search for Instagram on the next page.
  • Hold up the icon of Instagram for a few seconds till the options appear next.
  • Now go for the Edit icon.
  • Pick-out the new image as the icon for the app including any photo from your photo gallery.

It is our pleasure to guide our readers.

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