How long are Instagram Reels

Instagram is a hub for content creators these days. But it is important to use the platform in a way that can attract the new Instagram followers and engage the old ones tight to the screen.

Instagram has successfully taken a prominent position in the list of platforms. It has a major role in promoting its users to show their abilities. Content creators are highly attracted to this feature of the company. The developers have made some major changes to make it a yet better place to groom. It allowed the users to make reels through which they can be in touch with their audience in a better way

What is a Reel?

Reels are full-screen vertical videos. These videos are short and have the capability to catch the attention of Instagram followers. A user can involve music, text, or filter in a reel. This makes it a tool to communicate with followers in an impressive way. Reels are found successful in attracting high engagement such as like, share, comment and watch time.

The reel feature was introduced in August 2020. From day one, Instagram has left no stone unreturned to satisfy its users. The company has provided various options to improve the reels. These features include the option to import your own voice to the reel and the use of stickers during the reel. Furthermore, they have updated the time of the reel in this regard which brought major changes to the use of the app.

How to Gain Free Instagram Followers Using Reel

Reels can play a key role to attract Free Instagram followers to the created content. A reel helps to increase the account’s exposure. This helps to attract more Instagram followers to the account. Short reels are easy to manage and are convenient for the audience to rewatch it. Yet the short duration theory does not work in each condition. Sometimes it is better to take a few more seconds to communicate well.

However, it is important to know about the details of the reel to utilize this feature like never before.

Here are some significant points that you should know about the reel option provided by Instagram.

IGTV and Reel

Instagram allows uploading the video as a reel with the option available in seconds. The platform provides the option to involve many other features such as filters, stickers, and music. A reel restricts the duration of the video to less than 100. The feature of the reel is available for all users without any distinction Most of the advertisement is done by it.

IGTV is a video that can be uploaded for up to 10 minutes. This limit is offered to regular users only. The verified accounts are allowed to upload videos for up to 60 minutes as IGTV. This feature is used to show BTS or content creators use it to express their opinion about some specific issue. IGTV videos cannot be uploaded by using additional features.

Expiring Process

An Instagram story shared by the users lasts for 24 hours only. Instagram automatically removes it after the provided duration. However, the reel, unlike the stories, is not removed and is permanently available. This increases the chances to gain a higher watch time for a single reel.

More Options to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram provides a customization process that can highly impact the number of Instagram followers for any content creator. The duration should be chosen according to the quantity of the content for the reel.

One can always see how many people have viewed a real Get Instagram Followers list. However, it is not possible to know who has watched it.

There are many ratios available for the reel. However, a ratio of 9:16 is recommended.

One can make a video to be the reel. In addition, a video from your phone gallery can also be uploaded as a reel.

The duration of an Instagram Reel

Instagram allows users to create a reel with a duration of 90 seconds. There is a bright chance of extension in this length too. This will highly depend on the extension of the time offered by other platforms working in the market to help the content creators.

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Reel with the customize duration

The first-ever reel introduced by Instagram came up with the option of 15 seconds duration. This duration was later extended in multiple updates. Now the user has options of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds. The default time of the reel is 15 seconds. This default time can be customized by the following steps:

>  Tap on the display picture and get navigated to the reel. One can reach the option by sliding the homepage screen to the right side.

>  Select the option of reel available at the bottom of the screen.

>  Tap the 15 (written in the circle) on the left side of the screen to look for the available duration options.

>  Pick the circle with the required duration from all four available options.

>  Tap and hold the record and start recording the video. One can edit this video even further after the recording process. Now the video is ready to be uploaded as a reel.

Note: If you cannot see the 90 seconds duration option yet on your Instagram app, do consider updating the app.

Initiate the Journey to Get Instagram Followers Today

We are in the age of science and technology where people do not have much free time. To deal with the time, a reel is an appropriate option to catch the attention of Instagram users. A content writer can use this feature in a way that can help him catch their attention. Now they can use it better by customizing the duration time as well. It is a feature that needs to be a little more in-depth.

Consider some smart points to increase your Instagram followers through reels. Analyze the engagement over your Instagram reels. It is preferred to observe and upload the content during peak hours.

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