Dumpor- Now View Instagram Stories Anonymously

In a world of social media various platforms connect people virtually. Instagram is now one of the most famous and has millions of users right now. The posts, reels, and videos are the major features that keep attracting people to it. Still, some people don’t have an Instagram account, or those who have one but want to watch the content of public profiles anonymously. There comes the Dumpor, which is an effective website tool to watch the stories, posts, followers, and following of the person having a public profile without letting them know that you have watched it. This blog reveals interesting information regarding how can we use Dumpor effectively, its benefits as well and its key features. So let’s get started!

dumpor instagram stories

Uses of Dumpor

First of all, any tool or any software is made solely for the ease of people and the tool itself is not causing harm but our intention is. How we use the tool makes it a wonderful tool or the worst one. If we talk about the dumpor, it is a productive tool that emerged from a bunch of technologists, who tapped the market of viewing Instagram profiles anonymously. With the help of it, you can not only view the posts or stories but also can see the deleted post of users as well as their following followers. This tool works well for the public account and does not invade the privacy of private account users.

Dumpor can also be used as an analysis tool that can provide you the insights and analysis of your profile. People who watch your stories, engage in posts, and so forth. Some people raise the question of ethics, privacy, and the impact of using dumpor on public content creators.

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The procedure of using Dumpor

You can easily use Dumpor on your browser. First, you need to open the website of Dumpor type the name of your Instagram profile or hashtags on the search bar, then click the search button. That’s it, now you get some results in front of your screen. You don’t even need to log in or create an Instagram account for it. You can be a stalker who watches the stories and public profiles anonymously.

Major benefits of Key features of Dumpor

Dumpor has a variety of features that you can use and here we are listing some of its major key features of:

Anonymously browsing content

Dumpor is a website-designed tool that is free and accessible to anyone who can use it to browse and view the Instagram pictures, videos, and reels of a public profile user without letting them know. You can also see their number of followers, who they are following as well as their deleted post. It’s a completely anonymous Instagram story viewer.

Easy Download the IG content

Instagram doesn’t let you download content even if it is images videos or stories but the dumpor has features that make it popular among users. You can use the dumpor to download content from Instagram even without creating an account. All you need to do is to copy the content link and download it through dumpor.

Easy and convenient interface

Dumpor has an easy and user-friendly interface, anyone can use it without having a broad understanding of the technology. You can easily and effortlessly navigate the options on dumpor and use them without any hurdles.

Statistics of engagement on posts and stories

Dumpor lets you know the details of the user’s engagement on a particular post or Instagram story, who views your post or stories, and the average time of viewing the story or videos. This feature is incredible if you want to know the interaction rate of your profile.

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Compatible and flexible to any device

Dumpor is a compatible tool that can be easily operated on any device, either laptop tablet or mobile. The website is handy and can be easily used by Android or iPhone users.

Detailed analysis of Viewer’s profile

Dumpor allows their user to track the analytics of their profile. The analytics include who views the stories, the name and profile of the viewer, the date and time when they viewed the particular content, how many times a specific viewer watched the content, and also entails the details of the person who took the screenshot if any.

It’s free

One of the benefits of using Dumpor is that does not involve any cost or charges and also does not keep your information or data secret. On the other side, it is also a safe and secure website that does not let your data be exposed.

How to download from Dumpor

The very best feature of all is that it can make you download pictures, videos, and even stories of public profiles. However downloading the data of any Instagram user without their consent is against the rules of Instagram and doing so will be a violation of the Instagram policy. So, before doing that, the permission of the related person is crucial. Following are the steps to download the content from Instagram.

  •         Open our Instagram account first and then search for the content you are intended to download.
  •         At the top right corner of the post you can see the three dots click on it.
  •         From the various options of the drop-down menu, click on the copy link.
  •         After you are done with this, open the web browser and search for the Dumpor.
  •         Once you open the dumpor paste the link on the option of download files.
  •         Now Click the download button to download your content.
  •         That’s it, the video or a picture is now saved on your device’s camera roll.
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Drawbacks and ethical Considerations of using Dumpor

The major drawback of using dumpor is that the content creators of public profiles don’t get the number of views as much if the people watch their content anonymously. The content creators face a lack of motivation or get disheartened due to a lack of visibility on their posts. The ethical consideration in which majority of dumpor users intentionally misuse the content of the public users.